What We Offer

Brizmasonry offers comprehensive package deals to all builders and clients. From setting out and supplying the construction materials up to laying down the bricks and blocks, we see to it that each phase is under thorough supervision to make sure that we achieve a high quality finished product while maintaining the builders’ crucial project management


  • Blocklaying

  • Bricklaying

  • Rendering​​

    • cement​

    • acrylic

    • bagging

    • veteran 

  • Hebel 

  • AFS system (CSR)

  • Supply block and bricks

  • Supply placement of core fill concrete

  • joint sealant

  • brick and block cleaning services

  • commercial builders

  • residential developments

  • government infrastructure

  • Heritage


Brizmasonry’s diverse service offerings are proven to have a competitive edge over the other competitors. This is made possible by our strict and rigorous quality control measures to guarantee that each brick, retaining wall, or slab we commissioned is at par with the Australian standard